October Newsletter
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Autumnfest Competition - November 4th
The Autumnfest Competition on Nov. 4th is just for individuals and duets. NO TEAMS.
It gives each dancer a chance to perfect individual events without teams being involved. It is held in downtown Salt Lake City, on Saturday, November 4th at the Rose Wagner theater on 138 West 300 South.

We feel competition is one of the best ways dancers improve their talent and we want to take as many as we can. The following teams are NOT competing: Stompers (Tues 4:30), Sparklers (Wed 4:45) and Stars (Thurs 4:00), Energizers (Thurs 5:45), Minis (Fri 11:00)
(Our Beginning teams (Stompers, Sparklers, and Energizers) will start competing in February)
We require every dancer to compete at least two events (freestyle, all-around solos, a capella, short duets, or duet). Since there are no teams, competition is quite quick.

We will register THIS WEEK in class and collect registration this month and you can see what your child has registered for at the top right. If there is some reason you can’t attend the competition, please contact us ASAP or we will register your kids! (And that money will need to be accounted for!)

Here is the ESTIMATED schedule: 10:00 am Intermediate (Dynamite, Extreme, Rhythm) 12:00 pm Advanced (Storm, Hot Shots), 3:00 pm (Champ FX, Elite), 5:00 pm Pro (Premiere, Sensations).


Thank You!
We want to thank everyone for being so good with the September changes. It is always a little crazy getting all the classes right and making sure everyone is in the correct place. We hope you will always feel comfortable in contacting us with any concerns.
We thank you for dancing with us!

Performances & Competitions
We are getting close to the Christmas season with its performing. We know this is a very busy time for everyone and want to encourage you to make it to the shows. It really helps out a team when everyone is there. If you are unable to make a show, please let your teacher know in advance.

**If you have an event you would like cloggers for, please let us know. But do it with plenty of time in advance, so we can arrange schedules! Please note some of the times are earlier in the day.

~Nov 4th Autumnfest competition Solo and Duet Competition. Salt Lake City. See Above.

~ Dec TBA Dickens Festival Christmas Show TBA pm. South Towne Expo Center. Teams: Premiere, Sensations, FX, Storm, Elite, Unlimited

~Dec TBA Provo Towne Center Mall 4801 North University Avenue. Teams Stars, Extreme, Stompers, Minis, Energizers, Hot Shots, Sparklers, Dynamite, Rhythm

~December 18th Christmas Clogging Classic 6:30 pm. Loveland Performing Arts Center. 5600 Heritage School Drive. Provo, UT 84604. All Teams! This is our BIG Show.

If you have any other performance opportunities, let us know!

Costumes have been ordered! We will invoice each dancer a $30 fee for a costume deposit on the 25th of this month. If you are on Autopay, this will be charged automatically and you need do nothing. Sweet! Watch for additional information about costumes. We will let you know your final total later next month. For those of you who turned in costumes to sell, those credits may not show up on your account until November. Please know we try very hard to get costumes that are modest and inexpensive but yet are good quality. We appreciate your support.
*One important costume note You must PAY for your costume BEFORE you receive it!

ALL of our team music is online! Download your class’ music.
Go to our website and see it!
Our username is RMEMusic
Password: RMERocks

T-shirts, Bags, and Shoes
All orders are due to be ready at the end of this month! We will hand them out in class as soon as they come.

New Adult Classes
Once again, we have an Adult Intermediate Class! They meet on Wednesday nights from 7:15-8:15. Only $40/month. Let us know if you are interested and we will make it happen. Come have some fun!

Happy Fall!
Thanks for all you do –
Greg and Maria